Police try to discredit a Ukrainian activist in Crimea

The Crimean police have spread provocative information about a farmer and civil rights activist Vladimir Balukh.

The Crimean human rights group reported this information.

“Police captain Murzaev met with the residents of Serabranka village and spread damaging and provocative information about Balukh,” said the human rights activists.

The police also told the residents about Balukh’s imaginary terrorist-like activity. According to experts, the police use this to prevent the activists gaining public support, using applying illegal methods that would not have met the condemnation of the residents of the area.

The Razdolnensky District Court of Crimea sentenced Balukh to 320 hours of corrective labour in February for an alleged contempt of a police officer.

The Russian enforcers turned attention to Balukh in May 2014 when the FSB officers had found a Ukrainian flag on his house in Serabranka. The farmer hung up this flag in winter 2013 in solidarity with the Euromaidan.

Soon after, they tore the flag down and tried to illegally accuse the farmer of stealing a car and tractor spare parts.

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