Police detained a civil activist in Crimea


Activist Alexei Shestakovich was detained by Russian police in Simferopol (Crimea) on September 18.

Shestakovich believes his detention is reaction to his declared picket near the building of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Simferopol.

“Today I have felt the outcome of my notification about the FSB picket, planned on September 20, 2016. Four men stopped me near my home in Simferopol. One of them identified himself as a police officer. They wanted me to identify myself. I showed my Passport and they requested to follow them for a drug test. Then protocols on administrative detention and search were drawn up,” said the activist in Facebook.

Shestakovich said that he was suspected of calling to boycott the elections in Crimea. “They informally told that my detention was due to several graffiti calling to boycott the elections appeared in Simferopol. I was assured that I would be searched and they would definitely find the graffiti stencil plate today,” added Shestakovich.

After the drug examination the activist was said that he was very lucky and the Police would not be authorized to search him today due to the election.

As a reminder, Alexei Shestakovich was held administratively liable for “violation of rallies holding” after they organized a rally in support of the Crimean political prisoners in July 2016.

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