Poles have created a game about Crimea without the benefits of civilization, but with Yanukovych


Polish developers have made a game, the storyline of which takes place in Crimea, “thrown back to many centuries by epidemic, poverty, looting and depravity”.

The game, called “The edge of the world”, is a turn-based RPG one in the Fallout style, the storyline of which takes place in Crimea after the nuclear apocalypse. The game was originally to have name “Crimea”.

“The land burnt by sun and radiation is soaked with blood and toxic waste. Those, who have recently considered themselves masters, are trying to survive in an endless and senseless human struggle with nature and themselves. Unaccustomed to the harsh living conditions without electricity, clean water, air conditioners, people continue to destroy the remnants of civilization. Epidemic, poverty, looting and depravity have pushed the mankind back for many centuries,” says the description of the game.

There is a promotional billboard with ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on the welcome screen of the game.

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