Organizer of a protest rally was deprived of business and work in Crimea

The organizer of the “Deceived Crimea” rally Ataman of the Crimean Cossacks Sergey Akimov says that he has paid for his public criticism of the Crimean authorities.

In his speech at The Socio-Political Situation in Crimea Roundtable Ataman said that he had been deprived of everything.

“I have been already deprived of my business, work and kicked out from the Public Council of the Simferopol City Council,” the Ataman informed the participants of the Roundtable.

He noted that all the dissenters of the Crimean authorities were persecuted in Crimea.  According to the Ataman, the Crimean public should abandon conversations and begin to decisively act or it will never be heard.

As a reminder, Russian security forces broke up the “Deceived Crimea” rally on August 20 in Simferopol.


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