Opposition: the problem of Crimea will not be resolved with a wave of a magic wand even after Putin


Russian opposition activist and founder of the Western Choice party Konstantin Borovoy believes faulty position of the Ukrainian Government to lay account with the problem of the occupied territories will be magically solved after the change of power in the Kremlin.

“In Ukraine many people think that all problems will be naturally solved, when Putin loses power. But who can say that he will be replaced by an easier to get along with politician? Putin will be replaced with another one Putin — the same imperial ambitious representative of the enforcement structures. Of course, if the situation does not change radically in Russia,” Borovoy said in an interview.

According to him, the issue of Crimea will further worsen if it is not addressed to now. “If you wait, Crimea could “secede” from Ukraine. Nowadays Crimeans actively move in either the mainland Ukraine or Russia. Crimea becomes a lifeless desert. It is really transformed into a military base, full of the FSB’s, the MIA’s (the Ministry of Internal Affairs) agents and Chechen gangsters. The problem will deepen if it is not addressed to. But, I don’t see the fixed interest of the Ukrainian authorities to regain Crimea as well as to regain Donbass, by the way,” concluded the oppositionist.

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