Opposition activist: Putin is ready to negotiate about Crimea

Putin Putin

Russian opposition activist Konstantin Borovoy believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed his position on the issue of Crimea and is ready to negotiate about.

According to Borovoy, the Kremlin is already ready for any negotiations. “All possible channels and pipelines are in use, even those which were previously considered unacceptable and oppositional. Peskov, Lavrov, “independent” political analysts… “Putin is ready for talks, the Kremlin has suggestions, and Putin is ready to meet with Trump: well discuss anything with us.” Resources deplete catastrophically. There is no possibility to keep up the facade of visibility and stability at the Crimean, Eastern Ukrainian, Syrian, military, provocative and domestic fronts,” believes the politician.

Borovoy also noted that the phrase “the problem of Crimea is not discussed” had gone out of mind and the recent statement of US President Donald Trump that Russia had to leave Eastern Ukraine and Crimea did not spark the Kremlin’s backlash.

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