Opinion poll: Most of the young people of Crimea do not identify themselves with Russia


The majority of the Crimean youth identifies itself primarily with the peninsula and then with Russia.

Sociologists from the “Public opinion” project interviewed more than 1100 inhabitants of Crimea.

It turned out that the opinion of Crimeans about the annexation of Crimea and the subsequent processes differed not only by nationality, but by age of the respondents too. A relative majority of the respondents (43%) identify themselves citizens of Russia, 35% – Crimeans. However primarily older people identify themselves Russians (55% are older than 65 years and 51% is in the age group 55-64 years old). Most of the young people up to 25 years of age — 43% — identify themselves Crimeans and only 38% — Russians. The same is true among people aged 25-34 years old — 41% and 35%, correspondingly. This is significantly lower than in most Russian regions, where, according to other studies, more than 50% associate themselves primarily with Russia and then with the “small motherland”.

“Russia annexed primarily the Crimea of retirees, whose realized dream of homecoming outweighs their current difficulties. Young lives in the present and the future more than in the past, and thinks differently,” the Russian newspaper “Vedomosti” commented the results of the poll.


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