Opinion: Crimea will turn into desert in some 2 or 3 years

Former people’s deputy Michael Apostol fears the Crimean agricultural land will turn into desert.

He told this on a press-conference in Kiev.

“How will the situation be solved to keep the Crimean land from turning into desert? Two or three years more and it is unfit for use,” said Apostol.

He said that it would be very expensive to restore these lands. So, he believes that Ukraine would tread in steps of the countries which are in the similar situation.

“Modern science reserches must be used. The second point is the financial means. The third is to tread in steps of those countries which are in the similar situation. These are Turkey, Israel, and Greece which export a significant part of the agricultural production using practically the same lands with the same climate,” said Apostol.

In his turn, the Adviser to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Alexander Liev stated that 400 thousand hectares of land on the Crimea peninsula had become poor due to the Dnieper water supply cut-off on the North-Crimean channel.

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