Officials say about a queue of those willing to work in Crimea after Trump’s election victory

Donald Trump Donald Trump

Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Georgi Muradov claims that the foreign investors’ interest in Crimea has increased after new President of the United States Donald Trump’s election.

“The world’s changing its attitude on Crimea. The newly elected American President said that he knew where Crimeans and Crimea wanted to be. They want to be where they are today — in Russia, rather than where they were yesterday — in Ukraine. And this single signal was enough for the situation starts changing in the whole of Europe and the Western world,” said Muradov to reporters.

According to him, the Crimean authorities continue to actively work on attracting investments to the region. “Crimea actively continues to work internationally. We hope that our businesses will be able to enter Crimea earlier than our Western partners will,” said the official.

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