Officials offer criminal prosecution of Ukrainians for non-recognition Crimea part of Russia


The “Vice Premier” of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Georgiy Muradov urged the Duma’s deputies elected from Crimea to raise at the federal level the question of violations of Russian criminal law by the Ukrainian side in terms of violation of territorial supremacy of the Russian Federation.

He said this during a “round table”.

Muradov put forward this initiative after one of the participants of the round table and President of the Moscow Bar Association “Last patrol” Alexander Molokhov’s statement about possibility of prosecution of citizens of Ukraine for violating the territorial integrity of Russia, in particular, for the non-recognition of Crimea part of the Russian territory. According to the lawyer, since 2013 the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has contained Article 208, which criminalizes public calls to violate the territorial integrity of Russia. Moreover, the extraterritorial principle of the Criminal Code can be applied in this case.

“This is about actions in the public space, in media, on the Internet. But we have something to put up against it, and in some cases it is possible to apply the extraterritorial principle of the Criminal Code, i.e. criminal cases can be opened when crimes took place outside the Russian Federation. I think those who particularly oppose (the annexation of Crimea — ed.) should remember that,” explained Molokhov.

In this regard, the “Vice Premier” of Crimea urged Russian parliamentarians to bring this issue to the public spotlight. “Because the issue is directly related to legislation, it is important to ask our deputies to bring it up in the Duma. I think it will cool some hot heads. I know perfectly well that many Ukrainian officials have their own assets and interests in Russia as well relatives in our country. And when I’m talking about their violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the aftereffects of those violations, I mean they will behave differently in this regard,” said Muradov.

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