Occupants turn Sevastopol into a police-ridden city

Sevastopol Sevastopol

Sevastopol increasingly turns into a police-ridden city. A local resident under the nickname Dmytro Sevastopol wrote about this in his Facebook.

According to him, a lot of grates, fences, gates and cameras appeared in the city after the Russian annexation.

“Video cameras in various places, including courtyards of dwellings, police searching handbags at public events, transport police at the entrance to sightseeing launches. Absurd inspections, new grates, new fences, and new gates appear everywhere. Entrance is prohibited here, no passage is there. Footage is illegal here, keep off there. Senior citizens are prohibited to go into the Temple through the railway station near the South Bay. I have walked there for my whole life, and now, when there are no trains there, it is prohibited! Schools are flooded with cameras, gates are locked… Sorry guys, but I have never for my fifty years life in this city felt like a monkey behind bars as I do now” boils the inhabitant of Sevastopol over.

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