New Russian frigate has hung up on its way to Sevastopol due to a breakage

Russian frigate

The newest frigate Admiral Essen, attached to the Russian Black Sea Fleet in June this year, did not reach its base in Sevastopol and was put into a dry dock of the Baltic shipyard Yantar.

One of the specialists said that the absolutely new ship required serious repair. When running astern, the frigate crashed into a mooring prior to the intended departure to Sevastopol.

The commander was dismissed from his post after the incident.

“The mood of the crew is worse than ever. They supposed to be on the Black Sea Fleet, and may be, at the coast of Syria,” said the specialist.

It was reported in mid-October that Admiral Essen had begun its passage from Baltiysk to the annexed Sevastopol. Since then there has been no news about the frigate.

Admiral Essen is one of the newest Russian frigates of project 11356. It is about 4 thousand tons of displacement, 125 meters long and has a crew of 180 navy men on board. Caliber missiles, as well as mines and torpedoes are the main armament of the ship.

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