“Naftogaz of Ukraine” has filed a lawsuit against Russia on property in Crimea

The head of the “Naftogaz of Ukraine” holding company Andrey Kobolev has informed on the company’s lawsuit to the International Court of Justice against Russia for losses of “Naftogaz” assets in the occupied territory of Crimea.

“We have filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation on compensation for the cost of the derricks as well the assets in total that “Naftogaz” lost on the territory of Crimea due to the Russian occupation, or those ones we do not temporarily have access to. For example, it is about both the gas and oil derricks in the territory of Crimea and on the shelf,” he said.

In his opinion, this trial will be longer and much more severe than the Stockholm arbitration with “Gazprom”.

“The cases are different due to the military activities took place and the defendant is not a commercial organization as it was with “Gazprom”, but the State of Russia,” said Kobolev.

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