Muslims detained on markets in Crimea


Today, the 15th of December, Russian security forces have raided several markets in Simferopol (Crimea) to detain Muslims and people of non-Slavic appearance. This was announced by lawyer Emil Kurbedinov.

“A round-up to detain Muslim has been now organized on the “Privoz” market of Simferopol. People with Ukrainian passports are also detained. Apparently, they will again take the people to the Counter Extremism Centre to fingerprint them,” said Kurbedinov.

The lawyer recalled that several similar operations with significant human rights violations had been repeatedly carried out in Crimea.

It was earlier reported that 11 Crimean Muslims had been detained by a group of armed men burst into the mosque just after a Friday prayer service in the village of Orlovka near Sevastopol on December 9. All the detainees were released after fingerprinting and clarifying the formalities.

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