Moscow students refuse to celebrate the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea


The Moscow State University (MSU) had plans to hold a concert dedicated to the “accession” of Crimea to Russia, but now the event is questionable due to some students protest against any political events to be held at the University.

According to the information of the Novaya Gazeta, the official student organizations of high schools of Moscow were offered to host a festival, which allows involving 40 thousand participants. The MSU Student Council organized a poll to ask students whether they support the initiative of holding such an event. As a result, the majority of students voted against the festival. The initiative group of students believes that holding a “patriotic” festival violates the principle of political neutrality of the University.

Representatives of the initiative group reported that officials from the Presidential Administration of Russia had visited the University to negotiate with the heads of the student organizations in order to force them come forward with their own initiative of holding the festival and dissuade those dissenting. However, no final decision had yet been taken.

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