Media: ex-Minister of Defense of Ukraine profits off of real property in Crimea

Chief of the Department of the State Guard of Ukraine, former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Valery Geletey possesses real property in Yalta (Crimea).

According to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, Geletey has a slipway complex, built five metres from the sea, in Alupka.

“Geletey is the owner of slipways №95 and №96, located on 35B, Lenin Street in Alupka. He bought them for 400 thousand US dollars. But, according to the documents, they are now owned by his father-in-law and citizen of Ukraine Alexander Popovich.” told a source in the administration of Yalta.

The slipways are like 5-storey buildings with a total area of about 400 square meters and rented. For example, two months ago a room of 80 sq. m. coasted 5 thousand rubles per day.

Neighbors claim that Geletej not only pays taxes to the occupation authorities of Crimea, but annually monitors the state of the property too: his family regularly checks the number of consumed electricity and water, as well as pays household bills. Each summer the ex-Minister’s mother, other relatives and friends occupy the rooms there for a long period of vacation.

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