Lithuania is ready to impose sanctions against deputies from Crimea, even though Europe will refrain from


Lithuania leaves open the possibility to impose national personal sanctions against the State Duma deputies, who were elected in the annexed Crimea, if there won’t be a common decision on the issue in the EU.

This was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius.

“It should be of rather a symbolic importance than of a practical one. Frankly speaking, it would be better if it was a pan-European decision. However, such a national action is a signal, too,” said the Minister.

According to Linkevičius, Lithuania is in a discussion on possible additional EU sanctions, especially after the so-called elections in the annexed Crimea.

As a reminder, the State Duma elections took place in Russia on September 18. The elections were also held on the territory of the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia.


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