Lawyer: Ukrainian prisoners have been illegally taken from Crimea to a Russian prison


Three citizens of Ukraine, which were convoyed from prisons in Crimea to Russia, are illegally imprisoned in correctional camp No. 5 in Kirov region of the Russian Federation.

This was stated by a Russian lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov.

He announced the names of those men: Skoblikov (from Nikolayev), Larionov and Burlaka (from Kharkov). All the three men were convicted in Crimea and refused to accept Russian citizenship after the Russian annexation of the peninsula.

“In violation of the international principles of Justice Russia “has brought their sentences in line with Criminal Code of the Russian Federation”, in other words has convicted them for the second time for the offence they had already been convicted for in Ukrainian, and has sent them to serve sentences to mainland Russia,” said the lawyer.

After the start of amnesty in Ukraine the prisoners demanded to amnesty them too. But they were refused by the Russian authorities, saying that they had got new sentences now.

In addition, Russian citizen Razumov who took part in the revolution in Ukraine and was a member of the “Right Sector” is imprisoned in the same camp. In Russia He was convicted of mercenarism and extremism. “I don’t know how this has passed unnoticed by mass media but now he appeals to the President of Ukraine, requesting to grant him citizenship. I have delivered his request to the Consulate,” said the lawyer.

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