Lawyer: Russians will become a party to the crime, if they go to the elections

If the citizens of Russia go to the State Duma elections, they will automatically become a party to the crimes committed by the Russian leadership against Crimea.

Russian lawyer Nicholay Polozov posted this in a blog on Echo of Moscow.

According to the lawyer, the election that will take place in a few days, will be the most unique in the history of the Russian Federation because they will also be held in the occupied territories belonging to Ukraine. The lawyer recalled that Putin had personally admitted that the annexation of the peninsula was attended by the armed forces of the Russian Federation, and the Crimean referendum was held illegally. Therefore the elections of September 18 will become illegal too.

The lawyer believes that the Kremlin is going to allocate responsibilities to ordinary citizens for its crimes and this is a very neat trick. Therefore, every Russian should take own decision whether to become an accomplice in the grave crime that is the annexation of Crimea.

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