Lawyer: Russians are not generally interested in the situation in Crimea


According to Russian lawyer Nicholay Polozov, an average citizen of Russia is not interested in the situation in Crimea.

“Russians are not interested in the problems of Crimea. I will say more, no one in Russia knows about the situation with freedom and repressions against Crimean Tatars on the peninsula at all. The most known in Moscow is that there were electricity shortages in Crimea. Average Russians don’t care,” said Polozov.

According to him, only Russian secret services are keeping their close eye on the events in the peninsula.

However, the lawyer notes that Ukraine does not know the real situation in Crimea too. “In fact, this region is closed for prying eyes and the real picture of what is happening on the peninsula does not reach Ukraine. There are few sources which provide the Mainland with detailed information about the situation in the temporarily occupied territory. It’s about a few mass media only, which continue to work in Crimea, but that is not enough,” said Polozov.

Nikolay Polozov was one of the lawyers of the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko. Now he promotes interests of the Crimean Tatar activists.

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