Lawyer demands the Russian TV channel to apologize for Jamala’s song mutilation


A Russian lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov collects signatures under the electronic petition to the heads of the Russian State Television with the requirement to publicly apologize for insulting the memory of the Crimean Tatars deported in 1944, to whom the Ukrainian singer Jamala’s song is dedicated.

The lawyer wants the apology from the Russia-1TV channel for its commentators distorted the meaning of the song saying it was something like “a prayer for those people, which willy-nilly are leaving their homes in search of a better life.”

“They say so despite of the fact that the song begins with the words about the genocide of the Crimean Tatars, their deportation and tells about the fate of a man deprived of the homeland by the Stalin’s regime,” stated the petition.

“It is a blasphemy and an insult to the memory of the Crimean Tatar people and the millions of victims of the Stalin’s regime when Russia-1 compares the Crimean Tatars’ deportation with “a choice of people in favor of the search for a better life,” said the author of the petition, who also advocates the Crimean Olexandr Kostenko, illegally held in a Russian jail.

As reported, during an online translation of the “Eurovision-2016” “Russia 1” TV channel named the Ukraine representative’s song “1944” “a prayer for the fate of the people who voluntarily or involuntarily leave their house in search of a better life.”

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