Lawyer: Crimean Muslims detainees being kept in a cell with rapists


Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov informs on Facebook that the Muslims arrested in Crimea are subjected to pressure.

“Enver Mamutov (one of the arrested — Ed.) said that he was kept in solitary and was not allowed to make complaints and statements. He is not provided with pen, paper and books from the prison library (Quran, Penal Code) on demand; he has just got only one meal parcel of the three which were sent,” writes Kurbedinov.

In addition, the lawyer got about that one of the Crimean Tatars detainees Arsen Dzepparov was placed in a cell with persons accused of rape. “Then he was pushed into a punishment cell for two days, then in a cell with conflict detainees, then again returned to the cell with rapists. Apparently all this is done to make Arsen more cooperative,” added Kurbedinov.

As we reported, Russian security forces made a series of searches in the homes of Muslims, as well as at a local café in Bakhchisaray on May 12. As a result, four bakhchysarayans were detained and charged with terrorism: Zevri Abseitov, Remzi Memetov, Rustem Abeltarov and Enver Mamutov. The next day, the 13-th of May, the Court of Simferopol decided to arrest the detainees until July 11.

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