Law enforcement officials conduct searches throughout the Crimean peninsula

Russian law enforcement officials

Russian law enforcement officials conduct searches in different parts of the Crimea today on the premises of local citizens.
This has been reported by the users of social networks.
As one of the Crimean residents reports, this morning law enforcement officials dag up trenches at the entrance to Lenino village. There took place searches in the mosque and in the houses of the Crimean Tatars. Also, due to «being reported by local self-defence» there took place searches in the residences of pro-Ukrainian citizens.
This morning a convoy of law enforcement officials was observed moving along Kalinovka – Shchelkino – Mysovoe road.
Entrances to the town of Shchelkino are also blockaded by the law enforcement officials. «There are people with sub-machine guns searching passersby «They search the bags and the pockets» it is being reported in social networks.
Next to the bridge on Yalta highway, in the vicinity of Massandra, road police and people with submachine guns search the passing cars. The sandbags are also being unloaded there.
Local blogger Sergey Psarev has also reported the appearance of the law enforcement officials in Yalta. «There are soldiers dressed in full combat uniform, with submachine guns loaded, searches. This is Yalta today», he wrote and added the pictures.
We would like to remind that yesterday there were reports about searches in the village of Zhuravki, Kirov district of the Crimea.
In accordance with the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russia, on April 2nd there began strategic exercises of the troops of the MIA «Zaslon (Barrier) – 2015». They will continue until April 10.

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