Kiev Court Arrested Crimean Volunteer

Stanislav Krasnov Stanislav Krasnov

Judge of the Shevchenkivsky District Court Pavel Slobodyanyuk delivered judgment to arrest the head of the public organization “Civil Corps Azov-Crimea” Stanislav Krasnov till April 26.

This was reported by civil society activist Bogdan Tizkij from the courtroom.

He said that Slobodyanyuk had quickly read the Court’s decision to arrest Krasnov, which was suspected by the Security Service (SBU) of illegal keeping of ammunition, treason and terrorism.

“He has quickly read and disappeared,” said Tizkij, adding that people in the courtroom met the judge’s decision with cries “Gan’ba!”(Shame!).

A fight between activists and police occurred when the police officers tried to bring Krasnov out from the courtroom. The activists blocked the vehicle for detainees’ transportation near the courthouse.

В судді почалась бійка, коли намаглися вивести Stanislav Krasnov

Опубликовано Богданом Тицьким 21 марта 2016 г.

According to one of Krasnov’s lawyers Andrey Mamalyga the day before Krasnov was in hospital treated the beatings inflicted upon him during the SBU’s detention.

Mamalyga said that Krasnov’s advocacy had not been able to review the SBU’s motion for the arrest at the beginning of the 21-th of March.

Відео з під Шевченківського суду!Сутичка з поліцією. Б'ють жінок та літніх людей

Опубликовано Богданом Тицьким 21 марта 2016 г.

As a reminder, Krasnov was detained on the night of February 28 in Kyiv region. SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine) blames him and his girlfriend Oksana Shelest in arms and explosives caching.

In his turn, Krasnov’s lawyer stated that the SBU officers had used against his client torture, demanding to confess the fact of arms caching.

Krasnov told that he had been beaten for 7-8 hours during his detention with no interrogation.

He was released on the night of the 2-d of March.

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