Kazakhstan strikes out “Russian Crimea” from schoolbooks

The Mektep Publishing House (Kazakhstan) has revised the school textbooks, where Crimea was marked as part of Russia.

Officer at the Embassy of Ukraine to Kazakhstan Irina Blaschuk noted, that “the position of Kazakhstan regarding Crimea did not coincide with the text in the textbooks”.

The Publishing House does not comment the revision.

Deputy Director of the Scientific and Practical Center of Kazakhstan “School book” Adilhan Dujsebek confirmed that several scandal sentences on Crimea had been revised and corrected in the textbooks. “The Mektep Publishing House has printed additional sheets with corrections to the textbooks and sent them around the schools. The text about Crimea was discussed with experts and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thus, it absolutely complies with the boundaries marked by the United Nations (UN),” said Dujsebek.

The corrected textbooks are expected to go on sale not earlier than in a year.

As a reminder, Ukrainian Crimea annexed by Russia was identified as “a territorial entity of Russia” in geography and history textbooks published by Mektep last year.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine addressed a letter of protest to Kazakhstan and demanded the correct information about the status of Crimea in the textbooks. The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan announced a decision to oblige the Publisher to make adjustments.

Kazakhstan takes a neutral position on the issue of Crimea annexed by Russia in the spring of 2014.

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