Journalists have uncovered a supply chain of chemical raw materials from Ukraine to Crimea

"Titan of Crimea" plant "Titan of Crimea" plant

An investigation of the “Slydstvo.Info” program has discovered that the Mezhdurechensky GOK (a mining and refining plant of the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash) delivers titano ferrite (raw material for titanium production) to the “Titan of Crimea” plant, which is in the annexed Crimea territory.

As reported, after the annexation of Crimea by Russia the “Titan of Crimea” plant was leased out by the “Titanium investment” Moscow Company founded by the “Letan investments limited” company based on Cyprus. This company is a part of Firtash’s Group DF International registered in Austria. So, the plant is de facto the property of the Ukrainian oligarch.

The “Titan of Crimea” plant was not able to get titano ferrite from Ukraine after the peninsula blockade when the ports of Crimea are officially closed.

However, the journalists claim that they have got exclusive materials which allow tracking the Ukrainian titano ferrite delivery to “Titan of Crimea”.

The titano ferrite is transported by rail from the Mezhdurechensky GOK to a specific private port terminal in Yuzhny near Odessa. Then it is shipped to Crimea.

According to the documentation, the vessel “Katya” with the Ukrainian titano ferrite was sent to the Russian port of Kavkaz on the Bank of Kerch Strait. The Marinetraffic international website for tracking maritime vessels informs that “Katya” was fasted next to “Nefterudovoz” under the Russian flag. The Journalists has documented when the titano ferrite was overloaded from “Katya” to “Nefterudovoz” which then went to the port of Kerch in Crimea and was unloaded there.

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