Journalist told about Ukrainians’ illusions of Crimea


Journalist Pavel Kazarin revealed the misconceptions of people in Ukraine about the situation in the annexed Crimea.

“There are few illusions. The first is that Crimeans themselves became the architects of the process of changing the peninsula status. It’s not true. If there were no Russian troops, then nothing would have happened. All would be like in 2005, they would hold mass meetings and would continue their common mode of life. All that became possible only due to the Russian army, not to the Crimeans,” said Kazarin in an interview.

“The second illusion is that everything is bad in Crimea. The daily reality of Crimea is not Somalia or DNR. Life in Crimea is as everyday life of a Russian province: unlimited power of enforcers and the untouchables. If you don’t face the State, then you can live quietly. It’s wrong to say Crimea is unsuitable for life,” said the journalist.

“The third one is the outrage at the lack of partisan movement. Well, what kind of guerrilla movement do you talk, if the 20 thousand Ukrainian troops could do nothing? Who can in such circumstances call on civilians to fight with the regular army? The fourth illusion is that there are no Ukraine-friendly people in Crimea. It is not true too. More people leave Donbass than Crimea, but this is a result of the battle actions. People leave the east regions not because of their belief, but for the sake of security. And there no shells bursting in Crimea, so the peninsula was left only by the pro-Ukrainian activists, who feared to meet the eye of FSB. And a large part of Crimeans is pro-Ukrainian. They are the people who didn’t “give themselves away” anywhere and so they didn’t leave. Eventually, every man has his own reason: someone has small children, someone has old parents,” said Kazarin.

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