Journalist: Putin doomed Russia to destruction by Crimea’s annexation

The billboard with a picture of Putin in Crimea

When deciding to annex Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin devoted Russia to destruction, as the USSR was doomed to collapse by Joseph Stalin, taking the Baltic States. This opinion was expressed by journalist Vitaliy Portnikov in his blog.

“When Stalin annexed the Baltic countries in 1940, he made, one could say, the fatal mistake and signed death-warrant of his empire. By the early 1940’s the Baltic countries had already been the same subject of international law as Poland, Czechoslovakia, or Finland. And although the Soviet Union made its anti-Hitler coalition allies close eye on its return to Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius after the Second World War, far from everyone was ready to recognize the occupation of the countries. As a result, the Baltic States namely had the impeccable legal mechanism to renew their statehood by the time when the Empire got weakened,” says Portnikov.

According to Portnikov, the declaration of independence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by the parliaments of the former Soviet Baltic Republics resulted the dismantling of the entire Soviet system.

“Attacking Ukraine, Putin made the same fatal mistake and ruined the piece of the Russian Empire, which remained in his possession. Annexing Crimea, the Russian President followed in the same footsteps of the Stalinist violation of international law. And now there are few of those who are willing to turn their blind eye to the violation of Russia than those who were ready to accept the annexation of the Baltic States,” said the journalist.

“As a result, Putin has not just become the President of the country with “smudgy outline” but the head of the State, at least one subject of which has the impeccable mechanism to exit. Moreover, the international community will always work for this exit, because there is no the “Crimean Federal District” but the only Ukrainian Autonomous Republic of Crimea still exists for the community. But the truth is that return of Crimea is impossible without dismantling of the Russian political regime, and, perhaps, without dismantling of the existing state mechanism of the remaining part of the Empire,” explained Portnikov.

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