Journalist: every citizen of Russia will incur responsibility for Crimea

Russian opposition journalist Alexander Sotnik believes that every citizen of Russia will have to be responsible for the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbass.

“Crimea is annexed by Russia, and the Kremlin commits one crime after another in Donbass. No matter how this war is called “hybrid” or else, this is a war, and the death is not “hybrid”. Wars always lead into grief, casualties, deprivation… And Russia will incur responsibility for those suffering, too, either with Putin alive in the Hague or dead, it doesn’t matter. The responsibility will be incurred by everyone, by every citizen of Russia, including me,” he said in an interview with the Detector Media publishing.

The journalist believes that “terrible times will wait for” Russians in the future. “Everything has its cost in this life. The Putin’s regime has committed so many crimes both in Russia and outside the country that the payback would be terrible. Perhaps, the disintegration of Russia will be the price. As for me, I certainly hate this idea, but each new day of Vladimir Putin’s and his gang’s power leaves less chance of saving my country within the old geopolitical boundaries,” said Sotnik.

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