Journalist: Crimea does not let Putin go

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According to Russian journalist Matvey Ganapolsky Russian President Vladimir Putin really wants to end his career, but three problems must be solved first.

“Well, he really wants to leave, it is burdensome for him. The elite are giving eye-teeth for seeing him vanished into thin air or something else. So they let him go and travel, no problem. But he said one important word. He said his dream was to SUCCESSFULLY complete the career. There are three points that do not let him to,” said Ganapolsky.

The journalist explained that the first challenge for Putin was the situation in Chechnya.

The second problem is Donbass and Crimea in particular.

“As long as there is the question of Crimea in the relations between Russia and the world community, the success is out of the question, because it is cowardice from his point of view: I have put the chestnuts in the fire and you will take them out, while I am traveling as a president of a geographical society,” added the journalist.

He is convinced that another one problem is the lack of a successor to Putin.

Earlier, Russian media reported about Putin’s desire to “successfully complete career” and his dream to “travel”. Putin told about it at a meeting with employees of a plant in Chelyabinsk.

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  1. Well : it seems he will stay in Russia for a long time an not travel much in the foreseable future. Crimea/Donbas was one step too far…

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