Jamala does not mind the next Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the Ukrainian Crimea

Jamala Jamala

The Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Jamala has already talked with her parents and knows that everybody in Crimea rejoices her victory.

She said about this in her first short interview after returning from Stockholm to Kiev.

“My parents were the first to congratulate me from Crimea. They said that there were salutes and universal delirium there. It was very nice to hear,” said Jamala.

The singer admitted that she would like Eurovision 2017 to be held in Crimea. However, this is hardly possible. “We know that Crimea is under occupation now. I would really like the Contest to be held there, but we can’t know. It’s not like I don’t believe in it, I just think that we will not be able to do it in one year (to return Crimea — ed.),” said the singer.

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