It is decided to erect a monument to a US President in Crimea

It is planned to erect a monument to the 32nd United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Yalta (Crimea).

The Press-Service of the Yalta Administration says the Roosevelt monument will be erected on the street of his name on the traditional holiday of the street, which is scheduled for April 8 this year.

“I would like to believe that this will be an important element in the strengthening of Russian-American relations, which should be moved to a deeper level this year. And it is also extremely important to pay tribute to that great President, leader of the American people, who made an invaluable contribution to the establishment of peace and the strengthening of relations between our two countries,” said Head of the Yalta Administration Andrey Rostenko.

The street of Roosevelt in Yalta is the only one on the post-Soviet space, which was named after the 32nd US President on March 31, 1960.

A small Museum of the American President was opened on the street to the anniversary of the Yalta Conference, in which Roosevelt took an active part, in 2005.

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