Intelligence: Russian militaries massively drink hard in Crimea

Annexation of Crimea

Gross violations of military discipline, alcohol abuse and clashes with locals are registered in the Russian occupation troops based in Crimea.

This follows from a statement made by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to the Intelligence, Deputy Chief of Military Police of Simferopol arrived to the base camp of a battalion task group (BTGr) of the 51st Paratroop Regiment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on January 16, 2017 to clarify the involvement of the BTGr’s personnel in a recent fight with civilians.

“The BTGr’s Command is trying to hide the fact of the fight and to affect the work of the military police. The medical service of the BTGr’s base camp has already purchased a large number of medicines, including antidepressants and hepatoprotectors (drugs, positively affecting liver function — ed.) to prevent and treat delirium tremens and alcohol intoxications,” said the statement.

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