Independent lawyers are not allowed to the detained “Crimean subversives”


The Crimean human rights group states about a violation of inhabitant of Sevastopol Vladimir Dudka’s right to defense, accused of involvement in one of the “Ukrainian sabotage and subversive group”.

According to the human rights activists, a lawyer hired by Dudka’s relatives was not warned about an interrogation of his defendant.

An investigator of the Federal Security Service (FSB) questioned Dudka in the presence of public defender Oksana Akulenko, while the independent lawyer was not notified about the investigatory action on the evening of November 12.

“It is important to note that, in accordance with Russian law, if an accused person refuses to choose a lawyer, the lawyer must be appointed. But there is no reason to appoint a lawyer in Vladimir Dudka’s case because he has a lawyer hired by his relatives,” states the Crimean human rights group.

Oksana Akulenko has already been public defender in other politically motivated criminal cases, for example, that one of Andrei Zahtej, detained with the first group of the “Ukrainian saboteurs” in August. Then she failed to comply with her direct professional responsibilities: she did not appealed against the illegal actions of investigators, did not document tortures, and did not collect evidence of her defendant’s innocence. “So, there are well-founded fears that lawyer Akulenko will not protect Vladimir Dudka’s interests. The investigators use her formal participation to prevent an independent lawyer’s participation”, emphasize the human rights activists.

As a reminder, the FSB announced detention of a Ukrainian “subversive and terrorist group” in Sevastopol on November 10. Later the names of the detainees were publicized. They were former employees of the Nomos Analytical Center Dmitry Shtyblikov and Alyaksei Bessarabov, as well as retired military Vladimir Dudka.

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