In Russia Crimean political prisoners are tortured with suffocation and electricity on genitals


The political prisoner from Crimea Gennady Afanasyev is now in a hospital in Ukraine and tells about the terrible tortures applied to him and other political prisoners in Russia.

“They put a gas mask with a hose on your head, open the bottom valve and spray in there. You start gagging and vomiting, when you splutter with vomits the mask is on. When you start spluttering, they take off the mask and give to smell ammonia. Then the execution goes on. As for me they continued with electrical wires connected to my genitals and gave an electric shock. I could stand the suffocation, but electricity on genitals was a different pain” complains Afanasyev.

Under such tortures he was forced to sign a statement against himself, as well as against other Crimeans: a filmmaker Oleg Sentsov and an activist Olexandr Kolchenko. Later Afanasyev publicly withdrew from the statement in court.

“When I came to the court and said that Sentsov and Kolchenko were not guilty, something changed in me — I stopped being afraid,” said Afanasyev.

The guy felt very seriously ill in one of the prisons in the Republic of Komi, Russia. The disease is associated with blood infection and now Ukrainian doctors will precise the diagnosis.

The full text of the interview is available here (in Russian).

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