In Crimea police exerts pressure on journalist by summoning his 73-y.o. mother for interrogation

Ruslan Yuhosh Ruslan Yuhosh

One of the founders of the web portal “Events of the Crimea” Ruslan Yuhosh informed about attempts of pressure on him as a journalist by Crimean police by summoning his mother for interrogations.

June 2 one of the founders of the portal “Events of the Crimea” Ruslan Yuhosh call on Cybercrime Glaucus “police” and was invited to interview. The journalist refused to meet, referring to the fact that it is outside the peninsula. The next day in the office “police” was Yuhosh old mother. She tried to clarify details of the professional activities of her son and scared possible problems that may arise Ruslan, if he did not stop “spoiling the reputation of the Crimea”.

She was questioned about his work and about texts that he allegedly wrote. They also asked her whether the journalist has any children.

During the conversation, the police officers from the cyber crime department informed the journalist’s mother, that if he keeps writing materials that malign Crimea (say, about growing prices for everyday goods) it would turn for the worse for him as the Federal Security Service would come for him.


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