Human rights defenders: the hatred for Ukraine is cultivated among Crimean school children

Representatives of the Crimean Human Rights Group Olga Skrypnik and Irina Sedova state that the hatred for Ukraine is actively cultivated among Crimean school children.

In particular, Sedova believes that the so-called “military training and patriotic upbringing” is nothing else but the militarization of thinking of children and youth in Crimea.

“Children and young people are taught to use firearms and to wear military uniform during such trainings. Children are told about different types of weapons, taught hand-to-hand combats and the basics of military science. Thus, since childhood the inhabitants of the Ukrainian peninsula have been taught to feel themselves citizens of Russia and to protect the interests of the occupying power, in particular by serving in the armed forces,” explained the expert.

Skrypnik added that Russia violates international humanitarian law by constantly propagandizing the citizens of the occupied territory for the service in its armed forces. At this Russian propaganda represents Ukraine as the enemy.

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