Human Rights Defenders: Russian prisons have killed two prisoners from Crimea


According to the Crimean Human Rights Group, two citizens of Ukraine from the annexed Crimea died in Russian prisons.

As stated in a report of the Human Rights Defenders, Valery Karimov, transferred from Crimea, died in penal colony №1 of the Republic of Adygeya (Russia) on September 8. Kerimov was sick with hepatitis and tuberculosis, and he had no timely medical assistance.

Moreover, prisoner Sergey Glinjanik from Sevastopol died in the Simferopol Detention Center on August 30. The cause of death was also the absence of timely medical assistance.

According to the Hague International Criminal Court, 179 people, opposed holding the so-called “referendum” on March 16, 2014, were imprisoned in Crimea and sent then to Russia to serve their sentences.


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