Human rights defenders: access to health services worsened in Crimea

The situation of health care in Crimea worsened significantly over the past two years. This conclusion is made by representatives of the Crimean Human Rights Group investigated the state of health care in Crimea.

According to the human rights activists, the number of complaints about medical care in the Crimean hospitals and polyclinics increased. The Crimean residents complain about lack of doctors and nurses, rudeness, bureaucracy and corruption, as well as crowded queues.

Sometimes people have to wait up to two weeks to get to primary care physicians in local clinics. Medical tests delivery may also take up to two weeks and sometimes one has to arrange a visit to single-skilled specialists a month or more beforehand.

According to the information of one of the inhabitants of Kerch, on April 23, 2016 he went to the City Hospital No. 2 to get a slip to his physician. However, he was given the slip for May 5 only. Another Kerch resident with his body temperature above 38 0C (100 0F) had to wait his turn to visit a therapist in the City Hospital No. 1 for more than three hours. A future first grade pupil’s mother said that she had to arrange a visit to a single-skilled specialist to pass pre-school medical examinations a month beforehand.

Also the Crimeans complain of the city hospitals poor service and report medical workers’ negligence and rudeness.

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