Human Rights Defenders: 43 Persons Have Involuntary Disappeared In Crimea


In Kyiv Human rights activists have presented a report on 43 involuntary disappearances in the annexed Crimea.

Co-author of the report and human rights activist Yevgeniya Andreyuk said that Russia’s involvement had been found in 36 cases of the mentioned 43.

“We have collected, analyzed and systematized all the existing information concerning the enforced disappearances in Crimea in 2014-2016. We understand that these data are not extensive and we will learn about some cases of offences and crimes sometime after that. But the 43 cases, in 36 of which Russia’s involvement has been proved, should serve as the evidentiary basis on which both Ukrainian and Russian authorities must conduct effective investigations and bring those responsible to justice,” said Andreyuk.

According to the authors of the report, 17 of the 43 people abducted during the specified period in Crimea were released later, 18 are not found and missing, 6 were found dead, 2 were in custody and later convicted for political reasons.

The FSB has regularly raided and interrogated journalists, activists, community leaders since Russia controls the peninsula. Human rights activists recognize the actions a “crackdown on dissent”.

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