Human rights activist: The Cabinet of Ministers has aggravated the situation of Crimeans and resettlers

Arseniy Yatsenyuk Arseniy Yatsenyuk

A Crimean human rights activist, the Head of the Center for Civic Education “Almeda” Olga Skrypnyk has sharply criticized Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s Government actions in resolving the Crimean problem.

“Yatsenyuk’s Government not simply disregarded the questions of Crimean Ukrainian citizens residing in the temporarily occupied territory, but also took decisions on Crimea, which failed to satisfy the Constitution of Ukraine and a number of other Ukrainian laws as well as discriminated Ukrainian citizens on account of their Crimean descent (by which people are still incommoded) and violated their constitutional rights,” wrote Skrypnyk in Facebook.

According to her, the Cabinet of Ministers sabotaged many necessary governmental decisions on Crimea. For example, the Cabinet had to issue more than 10 decrees to implement the law about the temporarily occupied territory. “But they have issues two or three worsening the situation of Crimean residents or resettlers from Crimea. And now Yatsenyuk declares “humbly” the fulfillment of the obligations,” said the human rights activist.

In her view, Yatseniuk must be held accountable for both the Cabinet actions and inaction.

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