Human rights activist: not Crimean Tatars, but dissentients are persecuted in Crimea

detention in Bakhchisaray

Researcher of the monitoring group of the Amnesty International human rights organization in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus Krasimir Yankov believes that there is no persecution of Crimean Tatars by ethnicity in Crimea.

“I would say so: not only Crimean Tatars and not all the Crimean Tatars are persecuted in Crimea. We know that some part of Crimean Tatars fully supports the Russian authorities and collaborates. Multiple kidnappings and prosecutions are related to dissent in Crimea. Journalist Mykola Semena is not a Crimean Tatar, but he is incriminated in the same as Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Ilmi Umerov, and Vadim Siruk (also not a Crimean Tatar) is a figurant of the so-called “case of Hizb ut-Tahrir”. There are, for sure, other similar examples. So, there is no persecution by the Crimean Tatar ethnicity, but it has turned out that Crimean Tatars constitute the core group of people disagreed with Russia’s annexation of Crimea. That is why names of Crimean Tatars often appear in the mentioned criminal cases,” said Yankov.

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