Human rights activist: Crimeans believe mistaken the “accession” to the Russian Federation

referendum in crimea

Lev Ponomarev, Russian human rights activist, leader of the movement “For human rights” believes that discontent of the Russian regime builds in the annexed Crimea.

“Crimea comes from under the feet of the government. And, in general, this is not surprising, because the government of the Russian Federation is falling apart. Nowadays we are witnesses of governors’ replacement with enforcers. Well, this issue is even more pressing in Crimea. On the one hand the power in Crimea belongs to the “officials” who are now assigned. On the other hand, it is obvious that there is a large influence of criminals, which was large enough in the Ukrainian times too. In addition, there are people who helped to “grab” Crimea with weapons in their arms. Therefore, the situation on the peninsula is even more exacerbated than in Russia,” he said.

“It seems to me that there is another one very important factor: people there are freer than in Russia. Because our power has been pressurizing and brainwashing our wonderful country through the Federal channels for 15 years, and 86% of Russians, so to say, voice support the power. But I honestly don’t know how many Crimeans support the Russian power now. During Ukraine’s governance people feel free enough there, and the Ukrainian authorities did not put big pressure on them. And they still have this sense of freedom. But talking to me some people already say that Crimea’s “accession” to Russia was obviously mistaken,” said the human rights activist.

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