French deputy is cut to the quick with question about how much he was paid to visit Crimea

Thierry Mariani Thierry Mariani

Thierry Mariani, French Deputy who recently visited the annexed Crimea, has harshly responded a Ukrainian journalist at a press conference. The conflict occurred because the journalist asked him an awkward question.

The journalist asked Mariani, how much he was paid by the Russian Government for his stance on Crimea.

“I do not accept your question. I agree to answer any political questions, any political comments. But, frankly speaking, your question is a crappy one, and I will not answer you, I express my complete disdain for you,” said the French Deputy.

Also Mariani called into question the freedom of speech in Ukraine, assuming that a journalist could hardly ask such a question in Kiev. “The fact that you can ask such hateful questions here in Russia shows that Russia is a free country. The more disgusting, that you would unlikely have the opportunity to ask such questions, if we were in Ukraine,” said the French politician, confirming that he will “visit Crimea with more insistence”.

As a reminder, Crimea was visited on a three-day visit by a delegation of French parliamentarians led by Deputy of the National Assembly, former Transport Minister of France Thierry Mariani. During the visit the members of the delegation made a number of statements in tune with the thesis of the Kremlin propaganda on Crimea.

3 Comments on French deputy is cut to the quick with question about how much he was paid to visit Crimea

  1. Sandy miller // August 6, 2016 at 08:30 // Reply

    The French are disgusting creatures. Lying little creep.

  2. Fra Diavolo // August 27, 2016 at 16:16 // Reply

    Sandy, agreed partially, not the French as a nation, but this right-wing nutcase including Marine Le Pen’s party, and little corrupt rat Sarkozy. Typical that all the ruski-apologees are right-wingers?

  3. balderdash // October 5, 2016 at 22:43 // Reply

    I’ll bet they all got some ‘free’ Crimean wine to take home – the ‘presidential classp stuff and patrimony of EUkrainia.

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