Freedom House presses for Crimean lawyer and his client’s release


The Freedom House International Human Rights Organization calls on Russia to release lawyer Emile Kurbedinov and his client Seyran Saliev detained in Crimea on January 26.

Vice President of the Organization Robert Herman has made a correspondent statement.

“Russia must set Kurbedinov and Saliev free and start respecting the rules of international law in the occupied territories. The constant violations of basic legal principles by Russian enforces have turned Crimea into a territory, where basic human rights are no longer met, and where there is little hope for the possibility of legal appeal against the arbitrariness of security forces,” said Herman.

As previously reported, lawyer Emile Kurbedinov was detained by the FSB in Crimea on January 26, and then arrested for 10 days. Kurbedinov is accused in his alleged posts of photos and video from a rally of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Facebook in 2013.

Also Crimean Tatar Seyran Saliev’s house was searched in Bakhchisaray on January 26. According to Saliev’s relatives, Russian security forces searched for forbidden literature. Saliev was also charged with distributing extremist materials and then sentenced to 12 days of arrest.

Kurbedinov and Saliev’s detention took place a day after Russian lawyer Nicholay Polozov’s detention in Crimea.

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