Former Prime Minister of Crimea: primary Russia was going to invade Sevastopol only

referendum in crimea

According to the People’s Deputy, former Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Kunitsyn, Sevastopol was the main target of Russia invasion the territory of Crimea.

“I am convinced that Russia had the task to “wrestle away” Sevastopol under the full program: the navy base, etc. Sure, they left a hole till the end with Crimea, forcing Ukraine to give all the powers to the Crimean authorities as they wanted in the 90-ies,” said Kunitsyn.

As a reminder Russia invaded Crimea by troop shift and took the peninsula under control in February 2014. Then, they organized under the Russian troop control the so-called “referendum”, on which the majority of Crimean allegedly said “yes” to join Russia.

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