Former KaZantip burned out in Crimea


Wooden constructions of the world-famous music festival KaZantip burned out in the evening of Sunday, July 17 in the Crimean village of Popovka.

Fire engulfed an area of 1500 square meters and all the wooden buildings, gazebos, benches and a portion of the fence burned out.

“It used to be a “non-existent Republic”, the best musical event in the world; its dancefloors saw a lot of stars of electronic music. The legendary beach in Popovka saw a lot of crazy grooves of especially large scales, but today it wishes to be swallowed by the earth, looking at what it has been twisted into by those “moralists” and “patriots”,” commented on the incident the founder of the Festival Nikita Marshunok.

As a reminder, in March last year the occupation administration of Crimea decided to prohibit the KaZantip electronic music Festival due to the “multiple violations” of the fire regulations and the anti-terrorism legislation. Crimean authorities and enforcers have done all their best to wipe the Festival off the map.

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