Former commander of “Crimea” released

Stanislav Krasnov Stanislav Krasnov

The head of the civil corps “Azov- Crimea”, the former Commander of the volunteer battalion “Crimea” Stanislav Krasnov was released after medical examination.
This information was posted on the page of the “Azov” regiment in Twitter.
They noted that Krasnov had been released after three days because he had not been charged.
As previously reported, Krasnov was detained on the night of February 28 in Kyiv region. SBU blamed him and his girlfriend Oksana Shelest in arms and explosives caching.
In his turn, Krasnov’s lawyer stated that SBU had tortured his client, demanding him to confess the fact of arms caching.
Krasnov told that he had been beaten for 7-8 hours during his detention with no interrogation.

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