Figure in opposition: Russia has goofed up with the annexation of Crimea

referendum in crimea

Russian politician and Member of the Political Committee of the Yabloko Party (Russia) Lev Schlosberg believes that the annexation of Crimea is the greatest mistake made by Russia.

He said about it on the airwaves of the Echo of Moscow radio station.

Answering a listener’s question, Schlossberg called the annexation of Crimea Russia’s biggest folly in the 21st century.

“The annexation of Crimea is a dangerous folly. Our country has violated two Russia – Ukraine Treaties. One signed by Boris Yeltsin and another one by Vladimir Putin,” said the politician.

He stressed that Russia had promised twice to observe the inviolability of borders of Ukraine as of 1991 – the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Schlosberg recalled that Russian troops had stormed the Parliament of Crimea in February 2014. “By storming, whipping in MPs, turning off the broadcast and at rifle point they forced those who were in the debating chamber (there were less than 50 of 100 MPs, i.e. the Parliament had no quorum) to dismiss the legitimate Government of Crimea and put Mr. Aksenov in charge,” he underlined. The so-called “referendum” was held in Crimea by employing the similar method: it was organized and controlled by the Russian security services and the Army.


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