Expert: the Kremlin may recognize Crimea independent

referendum in crimea

The Kremlin is ready to make concessions on the question of Crimea, but such steps would not have anything to do with the deoccupation of the Ukrainian peninsula, but with the necessary picture for the West only.

This view was expressed by Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Sergiy Grabovsky.

He believes that Russia is fully capable to organize another pseudo-referendum in Crimea.

“The Kremlin is able to go to the nominal independence of Crimea. It is easy to organize such a referendum. After the referendum all Russian power structures and bureaucracy are officially withdrawn (the fleet remains in Sevastopol), local bandits stay in power supported by Crimean native enforcers gathered from all over the Russian Federation, i.e. a nominal deoccupation takes place. And though Crimea remains under Russia’s footprint (as Abkhazia, for example), but the West demands will be allegedly met,” writes the author in his article.

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  1. Well, almost : the west wants the full restauration of Ukrainian borders. Including Crimea. So, again, the Kremlin thinks it may find a positive issue to the crisis, but will not with this solution…

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